Guillermo Del Toro Ranks His Favorite Del Toro Films, But Says “I Would Die For Each Of My 10 Movies”

Guillermo Del Toro's had quite the year, The Shape of Water won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in early September and Oscar buzz is at a very high level for this masterful film. It also led all Critics’ Choice Awards with 14 nominations, as well as leading the Golden Globes with 7 nominations. 
In a fascinating conversation about the 10 films he's made thus far in his illustrious career, del Toro spoke about his 25-year span making movies and The Shape of Water turns out to be his favorite movie. He only ranks five of them, his ultimate favorites,  and speaks about other nifty career moves he's made.  His ranking is as follows.
  1. The Shape of Water
  2. The Devil's Backbone
  3. Pan's Labyrinth
  4. Crimson Peak
  5. Pacific Rim / Hellboy II: The Golden Army
  6. to 10. N/A, but I'm gonna assume Mimic is last

It's quite surprising that he'd rank "Shape" before "Pan's Labyrinth," which is regarded by all accounts as one of the very best movies of the 21st century.