Despite Terrible Reviews Netflix’s ‘Bright’ Is Adored By General Audiences and Draws 11M Viewers In First Three Days

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Hey, I'm all for audiences embracing a movie that was critically reviled, that's why I still check IMDB user scores to not be totally lost in critical la-la-land, which is such an easy place to be sucked into, alas I  try to resist. However, knowing the world of film criticism all too well, I know that cliques happen, waves of peer-pressured bandwagon-esque fervor reek havoc, ditto the fact that if you don't agree with a particular flock you all but become chastised and mocked as a troll. Yes, welcome to 2017, not your daddy's era of film criticism, let alone a free-thinking society. Paulie Kael must be rolling in her grave.

The latest movie every critic seems to be in agreement with is David Ayer's Netflix-produced blockbuster "Bright." They all but threw a bus at the film in their scathing reviews, even reassuring all of us that it would be a flop for Netflix. It was, after all, the most expensive movie ever produced by the streaming giant at a reported $90M budget.  

Currently, the film holds a 32% on Rotten Tomatoes, and Twitter has not been any kinder. Also, IndieWire said it was the worst movie of 2017. And, yet, Ayer shouldn't be too worried with what critics are saying because when it comes to audience reactions of the film, well, they have been the polar opposite  Bright has an audience score of 89% and on Google the film is at 93%. On Netflix, based on 1,469 user reviews, the reviews are also overwhelmingly positive, with most being in the 4-5 star range.

As for me, I have not seen the film yet but am itching to do so this weekend. The trailer looked terrible, but polarizing movies always intrigue me, especially when it comes to a distance-filled reaction between audience and critics.