New Poster + Review for Drama-Biopic 'Molly's Game' - Starring Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Kevin Costner, and Michael Cera - Written & Directed by Aaron Sorkin

I'm excited to watch Molly's Game again in the next few weeks, mostly due to the fact that I saw it at TIFF during a 5 movie day. It's always good to revisit a festival movie when you are a little more freshened up and not on countless deadlines, not to mention the lack of sleep that comes in watching 40 odd movies in the span of 10 measly days.

My 9.12.17 thoughts:

In Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut “Molly’s Game,” Jessica Chastain plays real-life “entrepreneur” and self-proclaimed “Poker Princess” Molly Bloom. The narrative structure recalls Sorkin’s masterful use of Rashomon-influenced storytelling in “The Social Network.” Going back and forth between Bloom’s rise, as she arranged secretive multi-million dollar poker games for the rich and famous at luxurious hotels, and her eventual fall that we witness in the opening sequence when FBI agents storm Bloom’s apartment arresting her for fraud, the film is an ambitious attempt by Sorkin to fully flesh out a fascinatingly complex woman. As in every Sorkin screenplay, the dialogue cascades at a frenetic pace, but Chastain nails each beat she’s given with a performance that’s sexy, smart and mesmerizing to behold. Once again, she’s the best reason to watch any movie she’s in. [B]