Matt Reeves wants Jake Gyllenhall to play Batman

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With rumors about Matt Reeves wanting to replace Ben Affleck for his “The Batman” swirling all over the internet today, here's another doozy, the director is already leaning towards a specific actor to replace Affleck. 
According to John Campea, Jake Gyllenhall would be Reeves' main choice to play the caped crusder. Not a far stretch as far as I'm concerned. Gyllenhaal is nine years younger than Affleck and would fit with Reeves' plan for a trilogy. This would also allow Reeves to not follow the DCEU storyline, which, quite frankly, is what we all want, but according to Campea is what Reeves wants as well. The Batman trilogy will be a standalone venture that wouldn't have anything to do with the current universe, most recently depicted in "Justice League." But, I'm thinking, a Zack Snyder-less DCEU will more than likely bring a lot more of these "standalone" affairs in the near future.
Source: Screen Crush