Kevin Spacey cut from ‘All The Money In The World;’ and Replaced by Christopher Plummer. December 22nd release date still intact

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I think we can all agree that Kevin Spacey's Hollywood career is done.

Just when you thought the plot couldn't thicken any further, Ridley Scott has decided to replace Spacey from the final cut of  “All The Money In The World.” Newly inserted into the film will be Christopher Plummer who will be filming his scenes as John Paul Getty this week according to Deadline. This will all have to coincide and squeeze into the film's December 22nd release date, just six weeks hence. Suffice to say, we have never seen anything like this before.
Co-stars Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg will have to come back for additional shooting, due to some of Plummer's scenes involving their characters. According to Deadline, Spacey's role took 10 days to shoot, but his performance was going to be pushed for awards consdieration by the film's studio Sony. 
THR is also reporting that Scott notified the studio of his impromptu decision just this afternoon. Also according to THR, Plummer was initially supposed to play Getty but the studio preferred Spacey due to his more prestigious clout.

The fact that the Dec. 22nd release date is fast appraching makes this a risky endeavor for Sony.