Justice League's 46% Rotten Tomatoes Score Leaked

Despite the review embargo, and the last-minute decision by Rotten Tomatoes to delay the release of the RT score for "Justice League", the rating has nevertheless leaked on Flixster, which uses RT scores and is part of the same Fandango family RT belongs to. Flixter reveals that Justice League's RT score is, cue the drumroll, 48 percent. Surprising? Of course not. Reviews have so far been very mixed. Rotten Tomatoes will announce Justice League‘s score on Thursday at 12:01 a.m. PT. on their "See It/Skip It" show. Why the delay? Some are saying it is to promote RT's show, but others, like myself, believe that Warner Bros., which owns a minority stake in the RT, could have possibly pressured the movie aggregate website to delay it an extra day to reap box-office receipts on opening day.