"Justice League" Producer: “We’re Hoping That People Don’t Think About How This Movie Was Made”

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We all know of the crazy reshoots the WB/DC were doing on “Justice League” for its November release and it seemed like they were axing Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor from the project entirely. The “Justice League” reshoots have been a source of controversy for the WB, who had to contend with Zack Snyder leaving post-production for personal reasons and Joss Whedon (“The Avengers“) taking his place to finish the movie. Whedon went on to service a remolding of the film, with the aforementioned reshoots, after WB execs reportedly deemed a rumored first cut unwatchable. That is if you believe the swirling and rampant rumors in the first place. Damage control was inevitable and the WB have been pushing back on the negative rumors.

Gal Gadot also tried to defend the recent reshoots by saying the tone of “Justice League” couldn’t change that much because the movie was already shot; Also, she confirms that Whedon was Snyder’s first choice:
“Look, Joss, to my understanding, was Zack’s choice to finish the movie. And the tone can’t be completely different because the movie was already shot. Joss is just fine-tuning.”
I'm supposed to catch the film next Tuesday. According to The Playlist, The final film is said to be a mix of both filmmakers sensibilities, which fits with both Snyder and Whedon NOT making the press circuit rounds for the film. They probably want to let the film speak for itself. 
At a press conference for “Justice League,” producer Deborah Snyder (and wife of Zack Snyder) stated that her wish is for the audience to keep an open mind when watching the film and to not think about the reshoots.
“I think, for us, this whole thing is so bittersweet,” she said about Zack Snyder’s departure. “We had been working on this franchise for the last, almost eight years [from] when we’d been developing the script for ‘Man of Steel,’ and then we moved on to ‘BvS‘ and also, Zack developed the story for ‘Wonder Woman,’ which was leading up to the point of ‘Justice League,’ where the characters were going to come together. I mean, this was a great hero’s journey, and a journey for these characters to be the characters that they are today. So not being able to complete his vision was extremely difficult.”
“Our feeling is, we’re hoping that people don’t think about how this movie was made when they go to see it, because these characters are bigger than any director, they’re bigger than any of us. We love and adore these characters,” she continued.
It’s so easy to get caught up with all this talk about reshoots, but, at the end of the day, what has always laid toxic movie rumors to rest was the finished product itself turning out great. Yes, it is concerning to read rumors about allegedly “unwatchable” movies, but let’s see how “Justice League” turns up when it is released on November 17th before passing judgement.