Impressions on "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" AWAKE Trailer -- Rey inching towards the "dark side"? Is Luke's death an imminent thing?

My impression, after watching this trailer, is that Luke stands no chance at coming out of this movie alive. Solo was axed in "The Force Awakens" and I believe Solo is the next to go here. They probably figured Carrie Fisher would survive in the third installment and be the "mother" of the future Jedi movement, but that, sadly, backfired on them ... They're also pushing the Rey turns evil angle and, I would guess, that could go either way. It could just be Disney messing with us. Rey is the main character, having her go down the dark path would be a risky endeavor for Disney and it just doesn't make any sense commercially as well, especially since they usually tend to play their artistic risks \on the safe side and having Rey turn evil would be a drastic change, think of the all the little girls that bought her figurines!  We see her chasing down Kylo and trying to kill him or something and Luke is warning her not to. Kylo is just an angry dude doing his own thing. Luke is scared of the force so Kylo kicked him to the curb and joined the First Order so he could get some sort of actual training.