Fargo Season 4?

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We all had our doubts when we first heard that Joel and Ethan Coen's masterpiece "Fargo" was going to get adapted for the small screen, courtesy of FX, but after the first episode of creator Noah Hawley' brilliant series adapatation we were converted. if you've yet to catch up to the FX show that bears the same name and style of dramedy as the Coen's 1996 Minnesota film noir masterpiece, then you are quite possibly missing out on the best show on TV. The first season was a home run, the second season was a near-miracle of multiple moving parts, maybe the best season of television since Season 4 of "Breaking Bad, and finally the third season might not have satisfied every fan with its multitudes of ambiguities and unlikeable characters, but it had its fair share of brilliant moments that cemented Hawley as a world-class visionary.  The ambition and sheer scope of the series has been nothing short of groundbreaking and, although we still have a few unanswered questions about the last season, and the season before it, answers will likely never come since the beauty of the show is leave open the never-ending mysteries of life. "Hawley's show casts a dark, almost miraculous spell thanks to its writing, acting, directing, cinematography, music and set design, which are all spot-on and in sync with its creator's artistic vision.

Given the show's popularity, and the rave reviews that have greeted it over the last three seasons, you would think Hawley would be all for a fourth season happening, but his reluctance has been showing more and more ever since the final episode of season three aired more than 2 months ago. It's not like FX isn't ready for it either, they too want more "Fargo," FX CEO John Landgraf is even stating that he's waiting for a pitch:

“I hope so, I haven’t heard. We haven’t heard the idea from Noah for what the fourth season would be. I think what we’ve encouraged Noah to do is think about it and make sure he has something he’s really excited about and has something to believe in. There’s a possibility he won’t have that idea for some time. There’s also the possibility, because Noah’s been fertile and productive, that we’ll hear that idea soon.”

Hawley, like any other genius, doesn't force it, he just waits it out and let's it happen until, boom, an idea strikes in his head and the creative juices start rolling. We wouldn't want it any other way and believe that if it takes a few years for Hawley to grasp on an idea then so be it, it'll be more than worth that wait. In the meantime, Hawley has been working on his other series, FX's X-Men universe series "Legion," which just wrapped its first, very succesful, season. Ladgraf says that Hawley is “working actively on the second season of Legion.”  There's also talk that Hawley will make a "Doctor Doom" movie. No wonder "Fargo" is being relegated to the back-end for now, Hawley is turning into one hot commodity and seems to be gunning for Hollywood as well.