Danny Elfman confirms that he will bring back his classic 'Batman' theme for 'Justice League'

I grew up watching Tim Burton's first two Batman movies. I was obsessed, continuously rewatching them and memorizing every line. My fandom stopped once "Batman Forever" happened, which was met with a resounding "WTF?" I mean, it's one thing changing Tim Burton for Joel Schumacher as the director, but replacing Michael Keaton with Val Kilmer as Batman was the final straw for me. I wouldn't be a fan again until Christopher Nolan took over. I do, however, still think Keaton has been the best on-screen Batman we have ever had. He just nailed the caped crusader in a way that not even Christian Bale could.
I don't think there is a superhero score as memorable as Danny Elfman's for  Tim Burton’s Batman, maybe John Williams' "Superman" score but that's it.  Elfman's catchy "Batman" theme still gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. When I heard that Danny Elfman would be replacing Junkie XL as the composer for "Justice League," it made me look forward to the film a little more than expected. Would he? Could he? 
In an interview with Reporte Indigo, Elfman confirmed he will be using his inconic score from "Batman" and "Batman Returns" for "Justice League,"You will hear Batman’s theme for Batman… Batman has only had one theme.” I couldn;t agree more. No disrespect to Hans Zimmer's score for the Christopher Nolan trilogy, which was great in its own right, but Elfman nailed it the irst time around.