15-20% Of ‘Justice League’ Is From Joss Whedon’s Reshoots

The extensive reshoots on “Justice League” saw some substantial changes made to the film. Jesse Eisenberg‘s return as Lex Luthor was reportedly axed, while the success of “Wonder Woman” sawGal Gadot‘s heroine apparently get more scenes and screentime. Even the overall tone was rumored to get a lighter makeover. However, when all is said and done, “Justice League” will be known for its clashing of two visions as the movie does truly feel like the work of two distinctly different filmmakers. You will likely read about this as the review embargo is lifted this week; the look of “Justice League” is truly Zack Snyder-esque, but his replacement, Joss Whedon, has positively added his vision to the film with his penchant for dry humor and feminist touches most definitely appearing on-screen as well. 

However, the question most people have had about the film is just how much of Whedon’s footage made it to the final cut. Gal Gadot tried to defend recent reshoots by saying the tone of “Justice League” couldn’t have changed all that much because the movie was already shot when Whedon was hired to come in for Snyder, who had to leave for personal reasons. As previously mentioned the final film is said to be a mix of both filmmakers sensibilities, but producer Charles Roven reveals just how much new material made it in:

“The goal is to make sure when you’re watching the movie, it all feels cohesive,” Roven told AP about the reshoots. “That imprint that Joss had, some aspect of it is going to come out in the direction, but the actors are already pretty much down the road on their arcs. Let’s just say 80, 85 percent of the movie is what was originally shot. There’s only so much you can do with other 15, 20 percent of the movie."

So only 15-20% of the film is Whedon’s according to Roven. It must have been real tough for Snyder to leave the project, especially with so much having already been shot. Roven knew this firsthand by stating that for Snyder “not being able to complete his vision was extremely difficult .” It’s so easy to get caught up with all this talk about rumors, but at the end of the day, what the WB wants with this movie is a positive reception. Yes, it has been concerning all these months to read about the turbulent journey this film has had leading leading up to this week’s release, but on November 17th, it’s audiences that will pass the final judgement on the film.