Wonder Wheel (Woody Allen, 2017) • Cinematography by Vittorio Storaro.

The thing that struck me most about Woody Allen's slight but affecting "Wonder Wheel" wasn't just the luminous and heartbreaking performance from Kate Winslet, but, even more so, Vittorio Storaro's breathtaking cinematography. This is the most surreal and dreamy-looking film Allen has ever made. I really hope they can continue to collaborate together because they have something going on here that can potentially lead to some remarkable movies in the near future, they're already shooting a third collaboration due for release next year.

Storaro hadn't really been in the spotlight or done American cinema since 1998's "Bulworth" unless you count the misguided 2005 Paul Schrader/Renny Harlin "Exorcist" prequel, which barely had a release and was in production limbo for what seemed like forever. I sure am glad that Storaro is back and seems to have found a "partner in crime" that has the same old-school mentality to filmmaking as he does. Something remarkable is happening here and, even though they might both be in the twilight of their remarkable careers, they somehow found each other, and, for all cinephiles, that's a major cause for celebration.