The Harvey Weinstein Saga: "Everybody Knew"

I've waited a bit to tackle this topic, but I decided now's an ideal time given that this story won't really be slowing down anytime soon. Just yesterday another victim released a statement regarding Weinstein's aggression towards her and it was none other than Kate Beckinsale. The total is now 28 women.

What are my two cents on this whole Weinstein "saga"? Everyone in Hollywood knew about this. They may not have known the scope of Weinstein’s perversion, could anybody safe for maybe his aides grasp the systemic nature of this, but those fuckers KNEW A LOT. 
They all just felt it was the price of entrance to the ball, to Harvey’s party. Harvey was the biggest aand the meanest SOB around, and he could make or break you. So people capitulated, and rationalized, and dealt with the devil they knew. There’s a lot of dirty hands in Hollywood because this scam took many people to perpetuate.

The only reason why it's now a big deal is that a) his power has severely diminished over the last few years and b) because as was mentioned by Jeffrey Welles the other day, "there is a general journalistic hunger for revenge afoot right now."

Harvey’s day of reckoning is speeding toward him like a bullet train. He’s fixin’ to be a little-squashed penny. What's more interesting still is wondering who's going to win or lose the ongoing scramble of "Hollywood elite musical chairs" to see who will come out a "hero" (Rose McGowan, Ashley Judd?) and who will come out an "enabler" (Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Meryl Streep?).
It's tricky because every day, the rules change - can you still claim that you never knew about it? (Since every day, that excuse sounds more absurd.) When was the cutoff time for making a tweet of support that absolves you from your years of knowing about it but not saying anything? How many awards won under Harvey's mentoring make it impossible for you to be a "hero"? 
And then you have Ben Affleck that plays the "I'm shocked, shocked! to hear that such a thing would occur - this is unacceptable, we need to do better!" card - and only a few hours later he's accused of groping two women on two separate occasions. The sheer hypocrisy of this industry is in full display here folks and it will take a lot of months, maybe years, for Hollywood to recover from this.

We know that Matt Damon and Russell Crowe tried to bury the NYT story in 2004, I mean, essentially, they should be counted as accomplices, no? 

The fact that Asia Argento got the ball rolling and started the whole domino effect is an especially intriguing story. She is, after all, an outsider who left the studio system and all but went back to Italy. Her's is an especially complex and harrowing tale given that he orally raped her and then years later she was in a position where she had to take money from him and give him more sexual favors. This isn't the last we hear from this type of story, and I've decided to fully invest this site's time on the goings on because of how important and morally right it is to do so. Just know one thing, this is only the beginning of a domino effect that will be happening, a lot more is to come ....