Tarantino shopping around "Charles Manson" screenplay

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Harvey Weinstein has produced every single movie Quentin tarantino has directed since his 1992 debut "Resrvoir Dogs." Recent "developments" have made QT homeless in terms of a production company, but word is that he is shopping around his "based upon the infamous Manson Family murders" screenplay to numerous potential buyers. WARNING to streaming sites, he has been vocal in his disinterest and adamant remarks about mainting the cinematic experience, so there will be no Amazon and Netflix bids.
The Wrap is reporting that the filmmaker is really not making it easy for studio executives, making them  "go through a complex process in order to bid for the rights." So far, Warner Bros., Universal and Paramount have been invited to QT's offices, where they have put down their bid for the rights to the film. 
QT's last film, the highly underrated "Hateful Eight," was deemed a box-office "failure" and was met with mixed reviews. I loved it. It harkened back to some of the talkier fare he was known for back in the '90s. 

Tarantino has had a few screenplays finished up, but he never fully commits to anything until he is sure it's his next project, but this seems to be that sure-thing. The Manson movie is actually meant to be Sharon Tate's story. Tate was dating Roman Polanski at the time of her morose death and that tragedy has spanned the decades since as the stuff of Hollywood doom. Will QT be giving us a more serious affair by tackling this story or is he going to go for the same over-the-top style (Django, Basterds, Kill Bill) of his last few films?