Roger Deakins: Don't see 'Blade Runner 2049' in 3D

Harrison Ford, Blade Runner 2049

"I think I said previously that I oversaw the timing of all the versions of 'BR2049' including the HDR version," he wrote. My preferred version is the standard 2D widescreen version. A problem I have with some viewing systems is their use of silvered screens. The image projected on a silvered screen lacks saturation as well as density as it falls off from a hot spot in the center of vision. This may not be so apparent for someone sitting in the optimum viewing seat but it is a compromise in terms of image quality wherever you are seated, though it maybe a compromise worth accepting if you are a fan of 3D."---- Roger Deakins

Here's what I wrote last week about Deakins' work as Cinematographer for "Blade Runner 2049":

"Denis Villeneuve's "Blade Runner 2049" is a transportive visual feast for the eyes which has no less than a dozen, or so, of the best shots of the entire movie year. Legendary cinematographer and 13-time Oscar nominee Roger Deakins shoots the hell out of this visionary sequel. Why wouldn't he win that elusive Oscar?"

I also had a feature of the best shots of his career which can be clicked on HERE