Remember when the trailer for Cast Away gave away the entire plot of the movie?

Robert Zemeckis' "Cast Away" was a diverting affair, but it really hit its stride once Hanks' FedEx executive Chuck Noland crashes his plane on the deserted island and the film turns into a near-wordless ode to loneliness for around an hour. It really might be the boldest move Zemeckis ever pulled off in his career. Hanks' landmark one-man performance should have probably won the Oscar that year, instead of Russell Crowe's still worthy turn in "Gladiator," Hanks had already won the statuette three times by then so, as these sort of things go, most voters thought it was Crowe's time to win it. Hanks is mesmerizing, watching him try to break a coconut or spark a fire is riveting, hell he makes talking to his volleyball BFF Wilson a heartbreaking affair.

Cast Away's main criticisms lie in its first 30 minutes and last 30 minutes. It is understandable as to why it is so polarizing, but people tend to not remember the fact that the film's trailer gave actually away most of the movie. Yes, Hanks's Noland manages to leave the island and, yes, he reunites with his newly married wife (played by Helen Hunt) but did we really need to know in the trailer? That sparked outrage before the film's release and it did eliminate any of the mystery that comes with a film such as this one (Does he survive? Doesn't he survive?). It was a bewildering marketing move on the part of DreamWorks and something that still bothers me to this day.