Netflix Expects to Release Around 80 Original Films in 2018

And Netflix also plans to advertise about five of them ...Here's my beef with Netflix. Chances are that these movies will not go for any awards because Netflix refuses to market their original films, or, if they do, it's very minimal and you wouldn't even notice it, but they’ll be watched by their intended audience eventually as people will “discover” them just like they discovered the now classic mumblecore drama "Drinking Buddies," which had a whole new shelf life on the streaming service.

All this to say ... And YET, they’re still $20 billion in debt, intentionally they say, which begs us to ask the question: When are you going to start making money Netflix?

Here's Variety quoting Netflix president Ted Sarandos on the 2018 lineup:

"Netflix expects to release around 80 original films next year, as it looks to hit the kind of scale in movies that it’s achieved on the TV side, They range anywhere from the million-dollar Sundance hit, all the way up to something on a much larger scale,” like Will Smith-starrer “Bright,” Sarandos said in an investors’ interview Monday about Netflix’s third-quarter 2017 results."

Obviously many of the 80 films will be bought at various film festivals next year but, of the titles already acquired, these are the most exciting prospects:

The Irishman (Martin Scorsese)
The Land of Steady Habits (Nicole Holofcener)
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (Joel Coen)
The Other Side of the Wind (Orson Welles)
Hold the Dark (Jeremy Saulnier)
Mute (Duncan Jones)
Apostle (Gareth Evans)