Michael Almereyda Talks ‘Marjorie Prime,’ Artificial Intelligence & The Film’s Unsettling Premise

I spoke to director Michael Almereyda for The Playlist earlier this year. His latest film, starring Jon Hamm and Lois Smith,  is a unique take on the sci-fi genre, it's a chamber drama entitled Marjorie Prime [INTERVIEW]
"Almereyda takes you on an almost psychedelic journey through the human subconscious. It’s not easy to let yourself swim into the film’s initial coldness, but if you are open to the film’s Resnais-esque contemplations on life and allow yourself to bring your own experiences to the drama, the journey is as rewarding as anything out there at the moment. By the film’s climax, the future feels closer than ever before, one which will be inevitable dominated by artificial touches. It’s hard for the film’s themes of aging and memory not to hit home."