Say it ain't so: J.J. Abrams says his wife told him to stop using lens flare

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Looks like Mr. Lens-Flare has finally had it using his signature "move." And, it was his wife that convinced him to stop it.

"Well, Katie's told me to stop a lot of things," Abrams told Stephen Colbert jokingly. "But lens flares, I was like, OK. She was right."

Know what? I like J.J. Abrams' talent behind the camera, no, really, I seriously do. It is no coincidence that Spielberg all but, took him under his wings and taught him everything there is to know about the medium, he saw something in Abrams that the apprentice proved in such well-made blockbusters as "Super 8," "Mission: Impossible III," "Star Trek," and, yes, even "The Force Awakens." Lens flare et all, the guy has talent and can shoot the hell out of an action sequence. I, personally, wouldn't have taken those famous flares off because, well, it's a distinguishing feature of who he is as a filmmaker, his auteuristic stamp, if you will. Lens flares, I was really never bothered by them.

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"Super 8"

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"Star Trek"

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"The Force Awakens"

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"Mission Impossible III"

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