Jackie Chan thought 'Rush Hour' was terrible when he first saw it

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I thought the first "Rush Hour" was a decent entertainment. There was nothing special within its screenplay, what made it work was the chemistry between Tucker and Chan. Same thing with Chan's other notewoorthy American film "Shanghai Noon," he and Owen Wilson were great together in that film. Not enough people talk about it either or its underrated sequel. Back to "Rush Hour," the sequels were horrendous.

After Chan wrapped Rush Hour, he told his manager he would never do another film like it again. “That’s a terrible movie,” Chan recounted saying. “They don’t allow me to do my own style [of action]. The English, I’m not good. Chris Tucker’s English, I don’t understand. Terrible movie!” He sat there dumbfounded as moviegoers laughed through the premiere. “Why are they laughing, I just don’t understand,” he thought.