Director Brett Morgen talks about his incredible documentary "Jane"

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I spoke to director Brett Morgen for The Playlist. He's doing the rounds promoting his triumph of a documentary "Jane." It was quite an incisive talk I had with him. If you happen to not know, the film is about Jane Goodall whose 55 years of work studying chimpanzees has been groundbreaking and made her legend in the sciences. Morgen took more than 140 hours of available footage, courtesy of National Geographic, to make this movie. The footage of a goldmine. Goodall was filmed by cameras in his fist excursion to Gombi in Africa. Nearly everything she did on a day to day basis was captured, which helped Morgen put together in the editing room a touching narrative structure that fully details Goodall's important journey in those very important few years of her life. This is a journey of self-discovery set in the 60s and it's all been filmed for us to finally see it more than 5 decades later.