"Wonderstruck" has a new poster

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A beautiful, hand-drawn poster, in black and white no less, has been released for Todd Haynes' upcoming "Wonderstruck."

Haynes is a filmmaker that I have grown to love over the years. His filmography has masterful works, ("Safe," "Far From Heaven," "Carol") but watching his latest at Cannes, "Wonderstruck," felt like an endurance test for me. In fact, while watching the film the question I kept asking myself was "Is this movie really directed by Todd Haynes?" None of the director's visual panache or lack of sentimentality were on display. 

The film, split into two interlocking stories, has to do with a Ben, as played by newcomer Oakes Fegleywho is struck by lightning and ends up deaf. He runs away on a solo journey to 1970s New York City to find his long-estranged father and, obviously when one goes on such a journey to NYC, meets a few sketchy characters. The second story is shot in silent black and white and deals with that same boy's mother at a younger age, Millicent Simmonds as Rose, she's also deaf and headed to New York City as well to find her long estranged mother. Eventually, their fates do meet and the past connections intensify.

Amazon Studios will release “Wonderstruck” to cinemas on October 20th.