'IT' First Reviews Are Unanimously Positive


looks like "It," based on Stephen King's ultra popular novel, will be a box-office hit, that is if you judge these sort of things by You Tube popularity. The upcoming horror reboot nabbed almost 200 million views (197 million to be precise) in its first 24 hour. That is insane. What's even more astounding is that it beat the previous record holder, "The Fate of the Furious," by almost 60 million views.

Andrés Muschietti directs the reboot, he did a pretty good job with tepid material in 2013's "Mama." That's the only other film he's directed, the top-notch photography of "Mama" doesn't seem to be a fluke as it's back here again. It looks beautifully realized from top to bottom. Maybe the fact that the trailer is actually scary has been part of its "charm." I rarely get spooked by a two-minute preview, but "It" did the job and did it well. If you haven't seen this ever popular trailer, here it is.

Now we have social media reactions to the film. All are surprisingly positive:
"I can say I saw #IT tonight. And IT was great. Cast is excellent. And, yes, 🤡is scary! This will be a, ahem, monster at the box office." -Jim Vejvoda (of IGN)

"Thrilled I can now say that IT is spectacular. Totally terrifying, but also "amazing fun (the Losers are PERFECT). Top 10 candidate for me." -Eric Eisenberg (of CinemaBlend)

"#ITMovie is everything I hoped for & more. Has heart, laughs & TONS of incredible scares. Fell in love w/ The Losers. Didn't want it to end." -Perri Nemiroff (of Collider)‏

"Just saw IT. Really well done. Cast were all great with some twisted visuals. Going to make a ton of money. Ready for the sequel tomorrow." -Steven Weintraub (of Collider)

"Saw #ITMovie I loved it. Then took trash out in my empty, dark, stairwell... SHIT FREAKED ME OUT CAUSE THAT MOVIE SCARED ME LIKE FOR REAL" -Mark E Reilly‏ (of ColliderVideo)

"#ItMovie was spooktacular. Great cast, surprisingly funny, and genuinely unnerving scares. You'll still be freaked out when you get home." -Dan Casey (of Nerdist)

"LOVED #ItMovie. Captured the spirit of the book & still created something new. Perfect combo of dark & fun. & The Losers Club was PERFECT!" -Rachel Heine (of Nerdist)

"Can't post specifics yet but #ITMovie is GOOD. beep beep, Richie. Full review coming soon!" -Mike Rougeau (of GameSpot)

"Bottom line: go make #ITMovie an enormous success. It's an A+ prestige film that's sure to make its mark in horror history. @ITMovieOfficial" -Drew Dietsch (of FANDOM)

"The cast of #IT is just perfect, not a weak link in the chain. @jaedenlieberher and @FinnSkata are especially memorable." -Eric Walkuski (of JoBlo)‏

"#ITmovie social embargo is up, so I will say... I liked it! Kids are great. BSkars is great. Also, surprisingly, it's pretty dang funny." -Rebecca Pahle (of Film Journal)

"So, the #ITMOVIE social embargo is up? So I can finally tell you it's fucking horrendous, yet at the same time.. wild and worth seeing lol." -Jason (of Fantastic Film Fans)

"#ITMovie: a carnival funhouse of a film; loud, scary, funny. And best of all: it has heart." -Chris Evangelista (of CutPrintFilm)

"#IT definitely captures frights of the novel whilst adding a new fears. Major set pieces are bone-chilling -even summons a splash of tears" -Courtney Howard‏ (of Fresh Fiction)

"IT makes me nostalgic for when I used to get scared by things because I don't anymore. But man oh man, if you still do..." -Franchise Fred‏ (of We Live Entertainment)

"been wanting to tweet this for some time now. To Andy Muschietti and the rest of #ItMovie cast, you made something terrifying w/ a heart ... One of my favorite movies this year. Chemistry was phenomenal and the imagery scary throughout. Loved it." -Luis Alvarez (of The Nerdwork)‏

"#ITMovie peaks in the first 10 minutes and never reaches that height again. Lots of nostalgia, but not much else." -Cinema Snopes

The R rated “It” stars Bill SkarsgårdJaeden LieberherJeremy Ray TaylorSophia LillisFinn WolfhardWyatt OleffChosen JacobsJack Dylan GrazerNicholas HamiltonJackson Robert Scott and opens nationwide on September 8th.