Christian Bale has, yet again, gained a considerable amount of weight to play Dick Cheney in upcoming biopic

Christian Bale transformation for his new role of Dick Cheney.

This will make Christian Bale the first actor to play both Batman and The Penguin, but, seriously speaking, "The Big Short" director is at the helm of this Dick Cheney biopic,. Christian Bale, Steve Carrell, as Donald Rumsfeld, and Amy Adams, as Lynne Cheney, will also star. Expect to see them at the 2019 Oscars. I'm particularly looking forward to Carrell's Rumsfeld.

The above pictures seem to indicate that Christian Bale is going through another weight fluctuation for his role as Cheney. If you remember, last year Bale decided to leave Michael Mann's Enzo Ferrari biopic because he became worried that he wouldn’t be able to safely gain the weight. At some point, when an adult reaches his or her 40s they have to be aware of the wear and tear that has amassed over the last 4 decades. If you have fluctuated in weight, the way Bale has over his career, then you probably have extra concern for your heart and how much it can actually take with all these changes in body composition that have happened through the decades.

Just look at this graph:

Image result for christian bale machinist

So, any concern Bale might have had with his health seems to have gone away since it looks like he's pudgied up for a role. At the very least this can't be as unhealthy as going down to 113 pounds for "The Machinist," but it does beg the question, when will enough be enough for the legendary actor?