Casey Affleck Thinks Ben Affleck Isn't Doing 'The Batman'

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Rumors have been swirling as to whether or not Ben Affleck will be staying on as Batman in the DCEU. It all started when Affleck stepped down as director for the upcoming "The Batman," which consequently had Matt Reeves taking over the director's chair.  Affleck has also been going through his own personal problems which led to him recently leaving J.C. Chandor's "Triple Frontier." Add in the fact that the "Batman vs Superman" movie he was part of was met with mediocre reviews and it seems like the guy probably needs to take a breather. It's, of course, hard to relax when the WB counts on you being their Batman. Through all this Affleck has explicitly denied leaving reiterating earlier this summer:

 "Let me be very clear. Batman is the coolest part in any f'n universe, DC, Marvel. It's incredible. I'm so thrilled to do it, "I know there is a misconception because I wasn't directing that I wasn't enthusiastic, it's f'n amazing. I still can't believe it after two films to have this history with this great studio. Kevin Tsujihara and Sue Kroll and Toby Emerich said to me, 'We want you to be our Batman' and I believe them. Matt Reeves doing it, it's like 'I would be a f'n ape on the ground for Matt Reeves.' Nevermind being Batman, It's incredible. So I'm really blown away and excited, and it's a great time in the DC universe. You are going to see some stuff from Justice League that we're really, really proud of. I think you'll see why I'm so excited to be Batman."

That calmed down the rumors for a bit, until they came back with a vengeance when a THR article was reporting  that the WB is "working on plans to usher out Affleck's Batman," and that they plan to do it as an in-universe plot point in "some shape or form." They wanted it to be done "gracefully," and perhaps even before "The Batman," the solo film that at one point he was writing, directing, and starring in.

Now comes the news of Casey Affleck, Ben's brother, saying he thinks his bro isn't doing "The Batman." Or, at least, awkwardly implying it by telling the Dork podcast crew "He's not gonna do that movie. I don't think." and then, possibly realizing his mistake, saying "Is that breaking news? I was kind of making that up?" Was he really?

It always felt like a mistake to announce that Affleck was leaving, especially since "Justice League" is just a couple of months away. If it is announced it could probably be done next year when the dust has settled and "Justice League" has finished its box-office and home video run. However, what Warner Bros does need to realize is that Affleck was the best thing about "Batman vs Superman." Affleck will be in his late 40s when "The Batman" movie hits theaters and, with a new Batman trilogy in mind, Affleck will maybe be too old when that's all through and done with. Point taken. There's also the rumor that his screenplay for the film has been tossed and director Matt Reeves is hiring a new writer.

Warner Bros does need to realize that Affleck was the best thing about "Batman vs Superman." The actor will be in his late 40s when "The Batman" movie hits theaters and, with a new Batman trilogy in mind, I don't necessarily think he would be too old to take part in the films. Time will tell what's next for him in the DCEU, but many signs are pointing for his departure.