Capsule Review: "Baby Driver"

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Edgar Wright consulted with “Mad Max: Fury Road” director George Miller, the master of practical effects, for help on his car-chase movie “Baby Driver.” That tells you everything you need to know about the detail that went into making this tale of hot-rod heaven. The stunts in “Baby Driver” are INSANE. Wright filmed all of the action sequences on location, and what was on screen was 95% practical effects, with only 5% CGI for touch-ups. Because they shot in a city and working freeway, they had to rehearse on the Atlanta Motor Speedway and choreograph with Matchbox cars. The film tells the story of a talented, young getaway driver (Ansel Elgort) who’s forced to work on a heist for a crime boss (Kevin Spacey) and two for-hire crooks (Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm). The film is a candy-colored mash-up of “Drive,” The Driver” and Michael Mann’s “Thief.” In other, words, it's a cinematic delight. Wright doesn’t do boring, he’s one of the most visually interesting filmmakers working today and “Baby Driver” proves that once again. You can watch this film with no sound and still get sucked into Wright’s dream of a movie. It spins off the rails in its last 10 or so minutes but Wright drives the rest of film into sheer visual nirvana. Take that Marvel. [B+]