"Venom" Will Draw Inspiration from John Carpenter & David Cronenberg Movies

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Ruben Fleischer, the director of Sony Pictures' upcoming Venom film is amping up to start shooting the movie this fall. "Venom" will star Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, as well as the Klyntar symbiote . Columbia Pictures president Sanford Panitch has stated that his Venom director, Ruben Fleischer, will be borrowing the style of some of the great body-horror filmmakers for his upcoming film on the ultra-violent Sybian.
Panitch says “Venom” will draw on the work of John Carpenter or David Cronenberg while promising “more pop and fun.” to which I say: Hell yeah. It's a no brainer to have both of these filmmakers cited within the Venom project. After all, Venom stems from a body-horror tradition which dates back to these venerable filmmakers. Is an R-rating possibly the next thing to be confirmed by Mr. Panitch?

"Venom" is due for release October 5th, 2018