'The Shallows' Director Jaume Collet-Sera Frontrunner To Helm 'Suicide Squad 2'

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Really Warner Bros? Is this the best you have? Does anybody remember a time when George Miller was supposed to direct?
"Suicide Squad" was seen as another nail in the coffin for DC universe, but Zack Snyder wasn't the director scapegoated this time around, no, David Ayer was the culprit. I loved what Ayer did with the WW2 Brad Pitt flick "Fury." He's not a bad director, he just had no creative freedom.  There were reports of ongoing friction between Ayer and Warner Bros over final cut. Are we surprised? Of course not. Ayer wanted a finished project that was going to be an R rating, what "Suicide Squad" deserved, but Warner Bros. decided on a PG-13 rating. We all wanted an R. Will it happen with the sequel? Doubt it, especially now that my personal choice Mel Gibson seems to not be in the running anymore.

The most mentioned director to take over the sequel was Mel Gibson, whom, according to Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, was in talks to direct "Suicide Squad 2." Now it seems like Warner Bros. has decided to lay the fate of the movie on "The Shallows" director Jaume Collet-Serra. They probably wanted a director they could control, that wouldn't give them any grievances if they told him to "change this" or "change that." They probably remember what happened with Ayer and it would have probably happened with Gibson as well if they attempted creative control under his watch. With Collet-Serra you're not going to have that. He'll abide.
"EXCLUSIVE: The Shallows Jaume Collet-Serra has emerged as frontrunner choice to direct Suicide Squad 2, the next installment of the 2016 Warner Bros DC film that grossed $745 million worldwide. The studio looked at a number of filmmakers — Mel Gibson among them — but sources said the studio is focused on Collet-Serra to take the reins of a franchise that has Will Smith, Margot Robbie back in the ensemble. The original, written and directed by David Ayer, was about a group of incorrigible jailbirds with special skills who were conscripted to fight terrible villains with the idea the heroes were expendable. The first film wasn’t a favorite of the fanboy crowd, but it a big global financial hit for the studio that left no doubt of future installments."