The cast of Star Wars during a radio interview, 1977.

"Carrie Fisher with Ford and Mark Hamill in Denver Post lunchroom at 15th and California streets on June 14, 1977, during a visit to Denver.  ‘I remember thinking, this guy’s going to be a star’ – Fisher when about Harrison Ford. The photo is striking for so many reasons, but perhaps most of all for the stars’ casual and relaxed demeanor."
"Carrie Fisher sits between Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, knees folded up against a table, holding a lit cigarette near an ashtray. Behind them, a wall lined with vending machines. Hamill — wearing a T-shirt from a movie he was in called “Fire Sale,” released around the same time as Star Wars — leans in, talking to an interviewer off-camera. Ford eyes the same person, with a look of wariness, dressed in a sport coat and collared shirt, holding a cup, perhaps filled with Welchade Fruit Punch, a can of which rests near him."