Source: Matt Reeves’ Batman Trilogy Will Lead to Batman Beyond

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Fantastic news coming from the DC side of things. According to a source from Warner Bros. Ben Affleck has signed on for three films with Matt Reeves as Batman, all part of a "The Batman" trilogy which would lead towards a .... Batman Beyond film - which would kick-start the next phase of the DCEU.

I Had no doubts at all that Reeves would prove his worth with the DCEU, but this is incredible news concerning "Batman Beyond." Reeves mentioned last week that he will be inspired by Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" trilogy when making these films.

Here's the exact quote from the source:

“Yeah, he [Affleck] is staying on as the Batman. There were contract issues, but everything’s sorted now. He’ll do Reeves’ trilogy bawhich sets up Batman Beyond, which will be the next phase of the DC film universe." 

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