Joe Russo: 'Avengers: Infinity War' Inspired By '90s Heist Films

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I loved how the Russo's brought a heavy 1970s political thriller vibe to "The Winter Soldier." They're clearly fans of "cinema" more than just "movies." You can tell these are actual legit filmmakers working here despite all the contractual obligations that come with signing with the MCU and, of course, the lack of creative freedom, but they've managed to find a way around it with their films to bring in their own voice, just like James Gunn has done with the "Guardians" movies.

So, What would Russo be talking about here? I mean, the "Heist" genre has been around since the very beginning of cinema. I didn't really know there was an actual movement in the '90s. I'm sure he's specifically thinking of Michael Mann's "Heat" which has all but become one of the most riffed upon films on the last quarter century, just ask Christopher Nolan and "The Dark Knight." Others would probably be "Point Break," "Dead Presidents," and, even though we don't really see the heist "Reservoir Dogs." Am I missing any?

Here's the exact quote:

"My brother and I like to use movies (because we're film geeks) as influences for us. Sometimes, with so many people working on these films, it's just great to show them footage or talk about a film that everyone knows so you understand the tone, or the theme, or the structure that you're playing with. Structurally, with this first film, Avengers 3, we've been using the smash-n-grab '90s heist films, so there's a real urgency to the film. I feel like it adds a level of excitement and relentlessness to the pace of the movie. And it's a lot of divergent narratives coming together into a climax."