"Homecoming" Passes Both Amazing Spider-Man Movies at U.S. Box Office, but is it the Best Spider-Man movie?

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The news today is that "Homecoming" has overtaken the box-office total of both "Amazing Spider-Man" movies. We all saw it coming, but it's still well short of surpassing any of the 3 Sam Raimi movies. 

So, with six films under its belt, which is the best Spidey film we've gotten thus far? For me, it's not even close, "Spider-Man 2" may still be the most perfect superhero movie of the Marvel universe, Raimi was the guy that came closest to pouring Stan Lee's brains onto the screen. My favorite thing about Raimi's Spider-Man movies? They're the only Superhero movies I can think of that really indulged in the sheer unadorned fun, the goofiness of the comic books. They had a campiness about them which felt genuine and to which Jon Watts, more or less, tried to attain with "Homecoming." The problem is that this being the third cinematic attempt at Spidey, it has been overdone and it doesn't help Raimi produced the very peak of it in 2004.

It goes like this:

1) Spider-Man 2
2) Spider-Man
3) Spider-Man 3
4) Spider-Man: Homecoming
5) The Amazing Spider-Man
6) The Amazing Spider-Man 2

You guys agree? Let us know in the comments below.