Dunkirk Has 98% Rotten Tomatoes Score, 97 Metacritic score.

I saw Christopher Nolan's harrowing "Dunkirk" yesterday at the Commons in IMAX. The sound was boomy, too-bassy, but it didn't deter from the fact that this is a harrowing film. I will be watching it again tomorrow afternoon, but this time in 70mm at the more cinematic Sommerville Theater, which, it seems, is how Nolan wanted us to watch it. Be warned: There's barely any character development in "Dunkirk." It means to immerse you directly into the battlefield from its eye-opening, suspense-filled opening frame.

The reviews are astounding. I mean, a 98% with 9.1 RT score is as good as they come these days. On Metacritic it has a 97 metascore. "Dunkirk" is a slam dunk. It will likely give Christopher Nolan his first Best Director Oscar. The story is set. He's due. "Dunkirk" is the film to honor him with. All the superlatives have been used when it comes to raving about this movie, but I'll try to ponder all this on Wednesday.