Christopher Nolan is a huge 'MacGruber' fan, do you blame him?

Count me in as someone that likes the fact that Christopher Nolan, a man known for his self-seriousness, is a fan of the hilariously stupid "MacGruber." Nolan recently told Business Insider “I’ve been outed in the past as a ‘MacGruber‘ fan and I have to say there are a couple of moments in that film that had [me] howling uncontrollably.” 

I feel you Chris, that film is the bee's kness. When asked which scenes in particular tickle him he responded by saying “[Laughs] I’m not going to go any further!” Because, well, most of the laughs in "MacGruber" come from political incorrectness. They leave you with an uneasy feeling of "Why am I laughing uncontrollably at this?"

Nolan saying he's been "outed" as a MacGruber fan probably stems from Anne Hathaway mentioning his penchant for quoting lines on the set of The Dark Knight Rises" [TV appearance.]  "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson is also a fan, having mentioned in his "Looper" commentary track that he stole a gag from "the rather wonderful and under-rated Saturday Night Live spin-off MacGruber." 

SNL movies don't usually catch my fancy, but "MacGruber" is hilarious and a scene, among many others, where Will Forte is begging, pleading, to put together another team always kills me with laughter. Based off an SNL skit the film used cheap special effects and self-referential comedy in its attempt to construct some kind of coherent plot, all for the sake of making us laugh. That's MacGruber for you in a nutshell, a nothing burger that has you laughing until it hurts.