4K restoration trailer for Akira Kurosawa's "Ran" - one of the greatest historical epics of all time. A masterpiece in terms visuals, storytelling and the sheer scale of the production.

Akira Kurosawa's "Ran" used more than 1400 extras, 200 horses, 1400 suits of armor, designed by Kurosawa himself. The costumes were made by hand and it took 2 years to complete all of them. Want more? A castle was built to be burnt, with no miniatures were used in the scene. Kurosawa spent 10 years writing the story and painting storyboards for every shot of the film. He called his previous film "Kagemusha" a mere "dress rehearsal" for this film (which wasn't the only film of his he didn't think too highly of, he is quoted as saying his much acclaimed Stray dog contained, "all that technique and not one real thought in it.")

Kurosawa's eyesight had deteriorated considerably by the time shooting of "Ran" began, so much so that had to use the help of assistants to frame shots using his painting as a guide. It just baffles me that there are supposed cinephiles or, hell, even film critics that have not seen "Ran." It is a sin to think that someone is reviewing movies for audiences and hasn't seen this film. They should be automatically disqualified from reviewing anything in the future. Kurosawa and Ran are cinema at its purest most epic form.