'The Book of Henry' confirms our worst fears, Collin Trevorrow should NOT be directing Episode IX

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I've been asking the same question for months now: Why did Disney hire Collin Trevorrow to direct Episode IX? Ok fine, his small-scaled indie "Safety Not Guaranteed" had enough wit and charm to bypass its ludicrous story, but then he hit pay dirt by directing "Jurassic World," which all but cleaned up at the summer box-office in 2015 to become the fourth highest-grossing movie of all-time, DESPITE the mixed reviews it received. 

Episode IX's original director, Josh Trank, had a nightmare scenario come to fruition when "Fantastic Four" was met with the nastiest of reviews and a stale box-office, even worse Trank's on-set reputation and the tantrums he was throwing sealed the deal for Disney, they fired him and replaced him with Trevorrow. 

Lo and behold how the tide turns, Trevorrow is now coming off his own nightmare, "The Book of Henry." I decided to catch a press screening of the film earlier this week because, well, I wanted to see some of Trevorrow's chops before the "Star Wars" storm hits next year. What I didn't expect was the worst movie of the year, which, as it stands now, "The Book of Henry" most definitely is. A sentimental, misguided, confused and jumbled mess of a movie. A horrid mix of genres that never adds up. 

What does all of this prove? That Trevorrow is not the man for the job. He was given an incredibly important assignment in closing the latest SW trilogy, but I don't believe he will be up to the task or has it in him to deliver the goods. There are far worthier filmmakers out there to carry this multi-billion dollar franchise that doesn't have the risk or baggage of Trevorrow. It's not fun for me to write this because I'm sure he's a decent guy, but when you are given the task to please one of the largest and most faithful fan bases in movie history then, I'm sorry, there's just no time to kid around here. It's the closing chapter of the saga. A film that leaves fans with too bitter a taste would be disastrous for Disney.

"Star Wars" fans buckle your seat belts, the next few months might be a very bumpy ride because there will be no end to the rumors that Trevorrow will be fired from the Episode IX director's chair. If Disney is sticking with their man they will have to publicly back him up, then we can shake off the rumors and hope for the best with Trevorrow's final product. In the meantime, we have speculation and Trevorrow tweeting the saddest of tweets yesterday:

Episode VIII is due for release on December 15, 2017. Episode IX due for release on June 21, 2019