"The Accountant" Sequel?

Deadline is stating that Affleck and director Gavin O’Connor are in talks to return for “The Accountant 2.” Somebody decided that it was a legit idea to make a sequel to Gavin O'Connor's entertaining, but somewhat forgettable 2016 film "The Accountant." Am I complaining? Of course not, I enjoyed the film for what it was:: A light, breezy, but exceptionally well filmed action no-brainer. The film has made an impressive $86M domestically. If you don't remember the film, it starred Affleck as an autistic, but brilliant numbers guy that also happens to be an accountant for some of the world's biggest criminals. He also knows how to fight because of his father's constant persistence for rigorous martial arts training when he was a kid.

I wrote last year "Think of it as Affleck's action movie, quite similar to what Liam Neeson did with "Taken" or Keanu Reeves with "John Wick." So no surprise then that Sony thinks they might have something going with this film. It makes sense, "Taken," and "John Wick" didn't make that much money when released, but found a cult following on home video, which is what has also happened to Affleck's film. The action scenes in "The Accountant" were really well-shot and fluidly realized by director Gavin O'Connor, who brought a lot of grit to the boxing fights in "Warrior."