Star Wars: Ron Howard Frontrunner to Take Over Han Solo?

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I like the choice of Howard, if it does happen, he's a consistent Hollywood pro and, despite the rather tepid Dan Brown adaptations, has done some critically acclaimed work over his 30+ year career ("Apollo 13," "Cinderella Man," "Rush," "A Beautiful Mind," "Frost/Nixon.")

"Deadline hears that Ron Howard has emerged as front runner to replace Phil Lord & Christopher Miller on the untitled Han Solo Star Wars spinoff film. Disney dropped a shocker this afternoon with the announcement that the duo exited a picture that has been in production since February at London’s Pinewood Studios. This after an inability to recover from creative rifts with LucasFilm chief Kathleen Kennedy and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan. Latter has been mentioned as possible to step in, but I’m putting my money on Howard."