Sofia Coppola & Denis Villeneuve name their best films of the 21st Century

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I'm not going to comment on the list Manhola Dargis and A.O. Scott compiled for The New York Times in their assessment of the best films of the 21st Century. Instead, I'm going to give you folks two better, more complimentary lists that were included in the article. They had six filmmakers give their own lists of the best films, here are two of them, the rest can be found [HERE]. I especially dig Villeneuve's list, any of those would make my own. All are great movies. 


“No Country For Old Men” (2007)
“There Will Be Blood” (2007)
“Children of Men” (2006)
“Inception” (2010)
“Amores Perros” (2001)
“Dogville” (2004)
“Under the Skin” (2014)
“A Prophet” (2010)
“Dogtooth” (2010)


“Force Majeure” (2014)
“The White Ribbon” (2009)
“The Savages” (2007)
“Head-On” (2005)
“Daddy’s Home” (2015)
“Under the Skin” (2014)
“The Incredibles” (2004)
“Together” (2001)
“Grizzly Man” (2005)
“Ida” (2014)
“Fish Tank” (2010)
“Ex Machina” (2015)