It took Patty Jenkins over a decade to direct a second feature film yet her $8 million indie Monster out-grossed Colin Trevorrow's pre-Jurassic movie, Jordan Vogt-Roberts' pre-Kong movie, and Peter Jackson's pre-LOTR movies. Combined.

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Her last movie "Monster," was also her debut. She was hired to direct "Wonder Woman" in April of 2015. 

The Guardian has this about the shifting paradigm:

"Remember the misbegotten Catwoman of 2004, or 2005’s less-than-electric Elektra? Neither does anyone else, except perhaps Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner. The Hunger Games franchise and the stardom of Jennifer Lawrence helped shift things, preparing audiences for the not-so-radical idea that a young woman as fantasy-movie protagonist might be a box-office viability, not liability."

Absolutely. There are technical reasons [for her long hiatus from film], I had a baby, I had a movie that didn’t go, all those things are true.” What is also true, however, is that “I have passed on a lot of things that would have been extremely lucrative, because they were nothing else. Even if it’s an action movie, even if it’s a thriller, I want to bring something beautiful into the world on some level that I believe in.” That attitude, she says, has made her “unbelievably picky
There’s also the industry’s sexism: “It’s played a part – I’m not offered things that are authentic to me very often. I did not necessarily feel that Hollywood was interested in what I wanted to do. They wanted me to do what they wanted to do.
She tells EW:
When I made Monster and they asked me what I wanted to do [next], I immediately said, ‘I want to make Wonder Woman,” says Jenkins, during a break from production on the Leavesden set of her dream job. “Everybody knew I wanted to make a superhero movie.
I know she took a break because she had her first child, and did direct television as well, including an amazing "Arrested Development" episode. But I still think this speaks volumes to the sexism in Hollywood.
Here are the numbers according to BoxOfficeMojo:

Colin Trevorrow: "Safety Not Guaranteed": $4,010,000
Jordan Vogt-Roberts: "The King of The Summer": $1,315,590
Peter Jackson: "Forgotten Silver": $26,459 "The Frighteners": $29,359,216 Dead Alive $242,623 "Heavenly Creatures": $3,049,135
Total: 38,003,023
Patty Jenkins: "Monster": $60,378,584