'Dunkirk' Is Christopher Nolan's Shortest Film Since Directorial Debut at 1 hour & 47 minutes

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Yikes, what a shock. Wasn't this supposed to be this summer's epic? A WWII Christopher Nolan movie runs for just 107 minutes?  The last film Nolan directed that was under 2 hours? "Insomnia," way back in 2002. Every movie since then has been over 120 minutes or more, much more.
"In a summer chock-o-block with event films running north of two hours, Christopher Nolan's World War II action-drama Dunkirk stands apart in running approximately one hour and 47 minutes — the shortest movie of his career after his first film, Following, insiders confirm. That's 62 minutes less than Interstellar, the acclaimed director's previous movie. Interstellar, released in November 2014, was his longest film with a running time of two hours and 49 minutes."