When in Cannes ....

Being jet-lagged at a major film fest is never fun. Most of the time programmers will make sure the first day doesn't have anything major. Case in point this morning's screening of the opening night film Arnaud Desplechin's "Ismael's Ghosts." Most of Desplechin's filmograpy consists of cinema that can be qualified as an "ambitious mess," take his look at his best movies "A Christmas Tale," and "Mes Trois Souvenirs de Jeunesse" for further proof. But, this latest film takes that term in a whole other league. It really is a terrible mess, with subplots piling one after the other and story lines that just don't add up. It shares the neurosis and slight wit of lower-tier Woody Allen, which comes as no surprise when you realize Cannes tends to book Woody Allen's latest as the opener almost every year.

The first go-to place for most journalists in the morning: The Espresso Bar lounge. Unlimited free coffee which covers up the jet lag, at least for the first few days.

View from the Journalist's terrace.

I will surely hit the beach at some point during the fest. That is, if I even have the time to do so.

View of the street I currently reside at.