Original 'Blade Runner' Actor Says Cast Felt 'Confused' and 'Bewildered' After First Screening

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"We all sat there and it ended. And nothing ... We didn't know what to say or to think or do! We didn't know what in the hell we had done! The only one who seemed to get it was Ridley." 
The quote above is from Emmet Walsh who played Capt. Harry Bryant.

"Blade Runner" must be the film I've tried to give the most repeat chances over the years, but, still, I don't quite believe it is a great movie. I must have seen it 5 or 6 times over the years, including an in-depth post-screening analysis back in my film school days. I don't blame Emmet Walsh here. Yes, the film requires multiple viewings and, yes, its hidden qualities shine through the more you watch it, but my main gripe with the film is that it sets out to answer questions that it doesn't even bother making the audience ask. It's a real oddity of a film. Again, it does work on multiple viewings, but to a certain point. You can appreciate the craft and artistry behind it, but there just isn't that genuine pull that is required to make a film indisputably great in my books.