OFFICIAL: Lebanon Bans "Wonder Woman" Over Israeli Lead Gal Gadot

"Wonder Woman" is not an Israeli product, so this is more about Lebanon being angry over the lead of the film being an Israeli woman. Regardless, "Wonder Woman" is about to become the most pirated movie in Lebanon. 

Deadline has it like this:

"The ban was prompted by Lebanese group Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel-Lebanon because Gal Gadot, the film’s lead actress who plays Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman, is an Israeli and a former soldier in that country’s army."
"The ban would have been decided by Lebanon’s Ministry of Economy, through which a six-member committee would execute such a decision but the call to ban it nationwide is not unanimous."

Yesterday I wrote:

"Hey Lebanon, continue thinking like small-minded fools, that'll bring you far as a country ... Disappointing news from the land that gave us Shwaramas."

"Listen to Gad Saad when he was interviewed by Joe Rogan. He talks about growing up in Lebanon and when a classmate, aged 9 years old, said in class that he wanted to become a Jew killer and everyone was okay with it. The fact that these people are anti-Jew, and acting childish like this is no surprise to me at all. It's just a matter of showing your true colors and the Lebanese government is doing just that."