Ethiopia has ATM-like kiosks that load pirated movies on your USB stick

Disguised as unassuming ATM points, the bright yellow kiosks act as full-fledged self-service media distributors and can be readily found in local malls across the country, TorrentFreak reports. As you might guess, the legalities of setting up such machines are highly questionable, to say the least.

“At the beginning of this year, All Mart (the Walmart equivalent here) brought in a new machine. It’s basically a monitor with a USB port but shaped like an ATM. It’s called SwiftMedia and there’s a guy who ‘maintains’ it,” a source told TorrentFreak.
“Basically you go to this very big store and you approach the machine and you plug in a USB drive. The screen will turn on and it will let you browse through a massive archive of movies.”