Brad Pitt: ‘The Assassination Of Jesse James’ Is "My Favorite Movie Of Anything I've Done"

This new GQ interview with Brad Pitt is turning into an all-timer. We already mentioned the revelation of his alcoholic days pre and post Angelina Jolie breakups, where he said he's never be seen without a Vodka highball in his hand, but now, albeit much less serious stuff, he reveals his favorite movie of his body of work and also that he crashed at David Fincher's place during the tumultuous breakup.

"I would say more in comedic stuff, where you’re taking gambles. I can turn out the hits over and over and I just—my favorite movie is the worst-performing film of anything I’ve done, ‘The Assassination of Jesse James.’ If I believe something is worthy, then I know it will be worthy in time to come.”

On Frank Ocean' music helping him through tough days post-breakup

I find this young man so special… I can’t find a bad [song]
I found this quote I wrote about "The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford," it really is a transcendant film.

"This classic from 2007 is one of the last features Roger Deakins shot on film, ever since then he has made the full transition to digital film. It’s hard to pick just one image from Andrew Dominik’s masterpiece as it is one of the most beautifully photographed movies of the 21st century"