WGA Announces That, If No Deal Is Reached, It Will Go on Strike May 2

In the event that we are unable to negotiate a new contract with the AMPTP, a work stoppage will begin May 2nd,” the guild said in the letter. “Should this occur, writing for television, feature films and digital series will cease.”

Better not fall too in love with some of the TV shows currently airing, because the last strike killed some damn good ones. "Heroes," anybody? How about "The Office"?

Last time they went on strike, 2008, we had a real doozy of a movie year, maybe the worst since the 1930s, I remember it was a struggle for me to find 10 "great" American movies that year. A good example of the strike's effects is when they decided to shoot the new James Bond with a half-finished script which ended up being the worst Bond ever? "Quantum of Solace."

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