Weekend Box Office: "The Boss Baby" Takes the Top Spot from "Beauty and the Beast" With An Impressive $49 Million and "Ghost in the Shell" Flops With Only $19 Million


It was a tight race at the box-office, but "The Boss Baby" pulled through in what was a nail-biter against "Beauty and the Beast" (which now has an accumulated gross of $397 million). "The Boss Baby," an Alec Baldwin starring animated movie, once again shows the power that animation has at the American box-office. Despite average to negative reviews, the film has become a major player for DreamWorks animation. I thought "Beauty and the Beast" would possibly make it 4 straight weeks at the top of the box-office, but, alas, this once again shows animation's dominance in American theaters. As for "Ghost in the Shell," they didn't screen it here in Boston for the press, which means I didn't get a chance to see it, but we can safely say that it finishing third at $19 million is a disappointment, given its reported budget of close to $110 million.

1- The Boss Baby $49,000,000
2- Beauty and the Beast $47,543,000
3- Ghost in the Shell $19,000,000
4- Power Rangers $14,500,500
5- Kong: Skull Island $8,800,000

It also looks like "Beauty and the Beast" could crack the all-time top ten domestic grossing films. Look at the list below, 4 of the 10 films are "Star Wars," I'm thinking it'll be 6 of the 10 by the time Episode 9 hits theaters in 2019.

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