"The Fate of the Furious" Still Unseen

I have yet to see "The Fate of the Furious," nor do I, to tell you the truth, have any motivation to do so, but it is my duty to eventually watch the darn thing. As mentioned in a previous post, I was out of town for the press screening of the film, I have been offered a few chances to watch it during matinee showings, but have unwillingly declined to watch it. All due to the fact that I am just not that interested in what Vin Diesel, The Rock and the gang have in store in this latest installment . The movie has now topped the box-office for two straight weekends, way to go America, and broke the worldwide opening record with almost half a billion in its first 3 or so days alone.

I have seen 4 of the films in the series, the one that seemed to pass the quality test was "Fast Five," which fully took advantage of its luscious Rio setting to create a cinematic atmosphere that the other films lacked. Was it a perfect movie? Hell no, but as far as this franchise goes that seemed to be the peak. It had a great opening sequence, involving a prison escape, and it was The Rock's debut, which many credit as being the beginning of the franchise's resurgence. That was probably one of the best bits of casting a franchise pulled off maybe, ever? The series was DOA until The Rock decided to saddle up for "Fast Five" and it made a world of difference. He brought some real zest to the series. Now it's a billion-dollar making franchise and, yet, I still have no interest in watching another one of these movies ever again.