The Best George Lucas interview You Will Likely See. Discussing the Prequels criticism, Episode VII.

This interview was conducted with 60 minutes right before "Revenge of the Sith" came out in the summer of 2005. It is the most open and truthful interview I have ever seen George Lucas give. 

A few interesting quotes:

"There will be no Episode VII."

Actually George, I know this interview was way before you'd sell the rights to your baby to the "evil" that is Disney, but it looks more and more probable now that there will be an Episode VII. In fact, there will be "Star Wars" movies long after we're all dead. 

"There's going to be star wars movies long after we're all dead. Hell, we'll probably see a remake of the originals and the prequels in our lifetime."

He doesn't seem to care that much about what people thought of the prequels, which have all become memes due in part to Hayden Christiensen's wooden acting. I can respect that. After all, as popular as "Star Wars" has been, it was always a personal project for Lucas. Why would he care what others think when he's pretty much made these movies for his own self-satisfaction as an artist?

"The point is it's like if you paint your house white and somebody comes over and says that should be a green house well fine but I wanted to paint it white and I don't think there's anything wrong with white and I don't think there's anything wrong with me for painting it white, maybe it should have been a green house, but I wanted it to be a white house"

JJ painted the house green, right?

That was a great interview. Even though there was much to dislike about the prequels, I respect George Lucas's vision because, in the end, what we're watching is, in fact, his story. Can JJ Abrams say the same thing about his movie? Lucas created worlds unlike any others with the prequels, they were heavily flawed, but one must admire the way he has built up this world from scratch. It is even more remarkable when you look at how every succesful movie today is based on some kind of source material. What Lucas did with "Star Wars" would probably not be able to happen with today's blockbusters.